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Rebecca Z.
HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, New York

BEFORE VIRTURIDE: Working in the health field in some capacity- as a sports nutritionist, conducting bench research and managing clinical trials, as a pharmacist in various settings, and in academia.

I ENJOY THE RIDE: By getting motivated through the music and videos and feeling like I'm on the road. It is the perfect way to engage your mind and body. Riding is so much fun. Come join us!

WHEN I'M NOT RIDING: You'll find me doing yoga, flipping tires in boot camp and cooking with my favorite sous chefs (my kids).

GUILTY PLEASURE: Coffee and dark chocolate covered fruit

I RIDE TO: Playlists with music from a variety of genres... Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Pitbull, Calvin Harris, Drake, Coldplay, and the list goes on...

Facebook: Don't have one, but I'm proud to say that my 14 year old daughter still communicates with

Instagram: Don't have one, yet again proud to say my 12 year old son also communicates with me....

Twitter: Don't have one yet.