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Marie is a highly qualified and enthusiastic Pilates instructor from the UK. After several years practicing Pilates, Marie decided to train to become a Pilates teacher. Initially, Pilates complemented Marie’s 20 years of ballet training, she then found Pilates to be a great way to maintain strength and flexibility without the un-necessary stress and strain on her joints.
Marie graduated from the University of London in 1999 and began her career working for a number of large FMCG companies. She decided to ‘jump the corporate ship’ in 2006. Marie trained as an Exercise to Music instructor in 2005 and then as a Pilates instructor with Body Control Pilates® in 2006. Since then she has taught many clients on a one-to-one basis, in a studio environment and in-home classes.
Marie has continually built on her skills through attending many courses and workshops. She is studio certified with ‘Body Control Pilates’, is a qualified “Back4Good®” (Pilates back care) specialist and has studied ‘Bodywork’ at the University of Westminster, London. Marie was a member of the Body Control Pilates Education Team, training new students who wanted to become Pilates instructors. Marie also features in the Pilates book “The Pilates Bible” by Lynne Robinson, Lisa Bradshaw and Nathan Gardner (Kyle Cathie Ltd, 2009).
On moving to Australia in 2011, Marie continued her education with Polestar Pilates, and completed her full studio certification with them. Marie taught in Pilates studios and physiotherapy practices across Brisbane.
Marie strongly believes in the benefit of Pilates to bring about postural changes, correct negative movement patterns and bring about muscular balance within the body. Her teaching focus is geared towards correct technique, whilst making Pilates accessible to everybody.