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Marlee C.

WeHIITHard - Therapyst

Fitness is an expression of self love. It’s our time to be selfish, to show up, let go, and take an hour that is all our own.

HIIT was her first love, a tool to strengthen her inner drive and find that last little slice of energy to pull from. When you step into her room, be prepared to dig deep. She’s got you. You’ve got you. Think boot-camp exertion, with glee-club community and enthusiasm. You’ll leave her class feeling deliciously rinsed, glowing, and enabled to channel that feeling of accomplishment into the rest your day.

Instagram: @marleedawn_

Self care routine:

There’s nothing she loves more than sitting on her balcony with a coffee and letting her mind reset after a long day. She finds it so peaceful and grounding to remind herself that the sun and moon will do what they do regardless of our actions. Her stresses seem less significant and helps her gain perspective.


CHEESE! She will spend an obscene amount on cheese and eat way too much even though the next day...hurts ;) Totally worth it though!