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Caleb J.

WeRIDEHard / WeHIITHard - Instructor

He's going to "f*ck you up" in the best way possible.

Caleb doesn't sugar coat anything. When you step into his class you are there to work. If he doesn't think you are working hard enough, he will make sure you do. If he thinks your jump squats are too easy, he will weigh you down to make it hard. If you are spinning too easy, he will hold your wheel to make it hard. Caleb makes sure you get everything in you, out of you....literally. His motto is: "Before and after class I am your best friend. During class, I am your worst nightmare."

Everyone has an inner athlete and Caleb will most definitely find it.

Instagram: @cjjansen1

Self care routine:

Wake up early, start the day with a sweat, make or pick up a coffee — (ideally) in the mountains in the spa by day, and in the city at a hockey game by night. Good food. Fresh air. Good company...and a little Tim & Sid.


Venti, half-sweet, skinny Vanilla Latte with the Blonde espresso from Starbucks (sue me).