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Maria L.

Hometown: San Juan, PR

Fitness Philosophy: My fitness philosophy is actually Newton's First Law of Motion that states "a body in motion ... will remain in motion ... unless acted upon by an outside force." My translation, when a body is accustomed to movement, it craves movement. And a moving body is and active body.

Favorite Personal Workout: Give me a HIIT/Strength Combo any day of the week!

Experience and coaching style:  My Dad, an amateur triathlete, taught his four kids that exercise required the same basic discipline as work. You get up, and you just do it. That really stuck with me. I've been a gym enthusiast since my college years. I've made friendships with members and instructors alike. Eventually becoming an instructor myself! I love the camaraderie of a group class. The energy of the group can be so contagious! But I also believe in paying attention to form and function to address and prevent injuries. A strong, injury-free body is the ultimate goal!


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Maddog Certified Spinning Instructor

ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Jillian Michael’s Shred

Keiser Cycle Instructor Certification