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Krista D.
Krista is nationally certified fitness trainer, TRX certified, and BootyBarre certified instructor. Krista will be helping out with our "Burn" interval classes, barre classes, and will be available for personal training as well. For Krista, fitness has become a huge part of her life. Every day gives her the opportunity to find more strength than the day before. That same mentality is what drives her in training others. She loves seeing people gain strength and confidence in their bodies. In her own life, she never stops challenging herself, and that helps her to challenge others overcome obstacles and rise to the next level. They can take that new found strength and confidence and use it out in their day to day lives. She also loves to make fitness fun and different! Educating people on form and technique is very important to her! Health & fitness defines Krista physically, mentally and spiritually! She looks forward to helping others at PURE reach their true potential and realize what kind of a person they were meant to be!