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What to expect: a challenging and fun class with tracks you love, old and new. Lots of choreo and a back and forth mix of heavy tension and speed tracks. I like to work the upper body, so don’t be surprised if you find 2 weight tracks in my class!

Favorite things to do in YXE: walking my favorite Frenchie along the river, with a pit stop for treats at the red bus. Paddle boarding down the river. Waffles at the Berry Barn. Grabbing a pint at any patio. Wine nights with the girls. Checking out my fellow instructors kick ass ryde classes!

What would be impossible for you to give up?
1. Cuddle time with my favourite Frenchie.
2. Seinfeld re-runs – I love you Jerry!
3. “Fluffy” coffees – the more whip cream the better.
4. Nachos!!! Extra cheese please!