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Lawyer by day, Bachelor/ette junkie by night, 24/7 fitness and travel enthusiast.

Being a Ryde instructor is my opportunity to share my passion for fitness while connecting with our amazing community - YXE and the Ryde Tribe! The workout is probably best described as follows: imagine you are at a Las Vegas pool party. The music is epic, the vibe is incredible, you're having the. most. fun. ever... but instead of rocking your favorite swimsuit, you're in spandex, that $22 margarita you would be drinking is actually just your water bottle full of YXE's finest H20. You're getting sweaty - not because of the Nevada heat - but because the tempo is quick, the resistance is high and if you're in my class, you know we're gonna be jogging!

My goal in each class is to inspire and motivate people to find their limits and push past them. I want everyone to leave the room after each class feeling stronger, happier, and like a total bad-ass. Whether it's your first class or your 500th, I'm so stoked to have you in the Ryde Tribe and I can't wait to party with you on the bike!