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Harry L.
I was originally born in Manchester, England. My father received an opportunity to move to Atlanta for work. My Mom, Dad, and I moved to Suwanee, GA in 2008 when I was 13 years old. I grew up in Suwanee and attended Lambert High School. Upon graduation, I decided to attend Georgia College & State University. I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to play golf. Being a student-athlete, we always put a strong emphasis on fitness and nutrition. We mainly focused on cardio and flexibility. We did a lot of Yoga and running. For those of you who know Katie Daniel, she was our golf teams Yoga instructor! After graduation it was difficult for me to keep up that level of fitness without instruction. I started going to burn and was impressed by the classes. They were always really fun, and I got such a good workout in then I got hooked. I really enjoyed cycling and when the opportunity arose to become an instructor, I started training and learning how to lead a class. I have always had a passion a music, and I really enjoy making a good playlist for my class to enjoy! That being said, I won't go easy on you :) Outside of the studio, I like to play golf when I get the opportunity, so feel free to chat with me after class if you want some swing tips! I work at Cox Communications as a Design Engineer. I like to cook and eat healthy. I enjoy going to concerts and adventuring around Atlanta!