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Lillian C.
Originally from Myrtle Beach, SC, Lillian has lived in ATL since 2008 and taught indoor cycle since 2014. Lillian loves to tell new riders that she actually left the first four spin classes that she tried to complete. After those first few attempts, and recognizing that running was no longer in the cards due to an injury, she committed to the format and got totally hooked. Spin classes -- which she once believed were too hard, too hot and too long -- have become safe haven and mental detox for this fast-paced woman. In Lillian's classes you will be immersed in a combination of dramatic performance, heavy hitting beats, rhythmic athleticism and a whole lot of sass. Outside of the studio, Lillian helps women to feel at home in their bodies and wardrobes through her business, Style Therapy which was established in 2011. She also holds mindfulness workshops for women and yes, you've seen her photo on the walls of lululemon at Shops Around Lenox as an ambassador. If you catch Lillian out and about in Atlanta, be sure to send her a dirty vodka martini... plain olives