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Caroline M.
Caroline played soccer and swam competitively all throughout middle school and high school, and upon going to college, she realized that the person she was really competing with all those years was herself. Throughout college, she attended a variety of different gyms, always on the search to sweat and to push herself to the best of her ability.

When asked to give her clients guidance about health and wellness she states "Listen to your body!!!". "After moving to Spartanburg and attending Wofford College, I became involved in Crossfit, until I hurt my back due to improper form and heavy lifting and jerking of weights. I continued, however, despite my body begging me to stop, which only made the injury worse". All too often, she thinks we ignore what our bodies are telling us for the sake of feeling stronger or more disciplined, but forget the fact that recovery days are an important part of physical and mental health.

She wanted to become a JSF instructor because her mom likes to joke that she spent her childhood in The Firm’s nursery, which isn’t completely untrue. "Once The Firm became BodyFit, I would go take guest classes with my mom and when I was finally old enough to actually join, BodyFit had become JSF". "I have always loved to move and have yet to find a workout better than the kind the Jamie Scott offers". After graduating and moving back to Columbia, working with JSF seemed like the natural next step.

For anyone taking her classes she would like for you to know "I am a fast mover and a fast talker, so come prepared to pay attention, to keep up, and to compete vigorously with yourself!!"

Come try Caroline's class, we are happy to have her!!!