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Marilu S.
Marilu Sutter has been teaching unique and innovative fitness classes on the Main Line, in Philadelphia and at the Jersey shore for the last 30 years. Her workouts are a signature blend of cardio, strength, and core training syncopated to Top 40 playlists to create a total body workout experience.

Marilu is owner and director of MLS Fitness in Haverford, and when she started MLS Fitness almost 20 years ago, in another studio in Wayne, Pa., it was the very first boutique fitness facility to appear on the Main Line. Within one year, it was voted “Best of the Main Line” for cardio fitness and it continues to be the only boutique fitness facility for women that combines cardio, strength and core training on a springboard floor.

Marilu takes pride in the fact that no other fitness facility has been able to duplicate her classes. For decades now, Marilu has never taught the same class twice, and each of her classes is meticulously organized to provide intensity, safety and fun. Her studio in Haverford is filled with creative group fitness tools which she utilizes daily to challenge and energize her workout participants.

Marilu is certified by the American Council of Exercise and the American Fitness and Strength Association as well as getting certified in Power Strike and TRX.

Marilu has shared her passion for fitness with men, women and kids of all ages. She not only instructs her tough fitness classes to men and women from 18 to 75 years of age, but Marilu has also taught Kids Fit to small children, senior fitness to women and men over 80 years of age, as well as teaching kickboxing to girls at the Episcopal Academy and flexibility training to their boys’ crew team. Most remember her mantra of motivation: “That which doesn’t kill you, only serves to make you stronger!”

Marilu’s husband, Fran, is one of the leading robotic cardiac surgeons in the world whom she met as a lifeguard when he was in medical school and she had a summer job as a waitress and a summer home in Avalon. They reside in Gladwyne, Pa. and have been married for 42 years. They also have a beachfront home in Avalon where the whole family gathers during the summer, and Thanksgiving. Marilu and Fran have four accomplished children and four delightful and amazing grandkids.