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Kyle K.
“Make each day your masterpiece”
Kyle was born and raised in Illinois, after college, his love for the outdoors moved him out of the cold snowy Chicago winters and in into the warm sun of Southern California. Not naturally inclined to spend hours in the gym, Kyle sought out other avenues to fulfill his athletic needs and discovered indoor cycling. Kyle’s lifelong passion for music especially hip-hop made rhythm cycling a natural fit and he fell in love with it from day one. Kyle has 6 plus years of coaching experience in various youth sports and is a natural motivator and partner for hitting your goals. Kyle is a true believer in living this one life you have to the fullest and being healthy and fit is a major component for accomplishing that. Have fun, work hard, have more fun. With a variety of pace, straightforward choreography, and pounding energy you will find all of the hard work and fun you can handle in his class. When Kyle isn’t teaching in the Fyr Pit you can probably find him catching a concert, surfing, or ......probably in Chevy’s class.