FitMetrix Branding Guidelines

Last Updated Aug 2nd, 2018

All written and designed aspects of the FitMetrix, Inc. ("FitMetrix") brand are FitMetrix intellectual property and are valuable assets of the corporation. FitMetrix permits the use of its brand, name, trademarks, service marks, company marks, product marks, web pages, screenshots, logos, and other brand features (which we will refer to as "marks and logos" moving forward) only as specified in these Guidelines. Any use that falls outside of these Guidelines, and that is not based on separate written and signed permission, is strictly prohibited.

1. Who are these Guidelines for?

These Guidelines apply to FitMetrix employees, customers, licensees, developers, partners, consultants, outside vendors, the media, and other third parties ("you"). By using FitMetrix marks and logos, you agree to adhere to these Guidelines and specifically to the use requirements and terms below. If you have a separate written and signed agreement with FitMetrix that addresses the use of the FitMetrix brand, that agreement shall govern your use of FitMetrix marks and logos.

2. FitMetrix marks and logos

You may refer to FitMetrix products and services by their associated marks and logos so long as such references are truthful, fair, not misleading, and comply with these Guidelines, which may be modified by FitMetrix from time to time in the sole discretion of FitMetrix.

When referring to FitMetrix products and services,

FitMetrix marks and logos must be used as provided by FitMetrix with no modifications. Do not incorporate FitMetrix marks or logos into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos, company names, domain names, website title, publication title, application icon, favicon, or the like. Do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to FitMetrix marks and logos. Do not display FitMetrix marks and logos in any manner that can be reasonably interpreted to suggest that any content has been authorized by—or represents the views or opinions of—FitMetrix or FitMetrix personnel. Use the appropriate trademark symbol and trademark acknowledgment that FitMetrix owns the marks and/or logos in question. If you are creating ads, white papers, sales materials, or general collateral using the FitMetrix logo, following the terms set in these Guidelines or with written permission from FitMetrix, we ask that you put one of the following taglines at the bottom of the page, at the bottom of the ad, or at the bottom of the design whenever you feature the FitMetrix logo: © 2020 MindBody, Inc. All rights reserved. FitMetrix and the FitMetrix logo are registered trademarks of MindBody, Inc. © 2020 MindBody, Inc. All rights reserved. [Insert Trademark] is a trademark of MindBody, Inc.

Logo display: The FiMetrix logo must stand alone. To preserve the integrity and clarity of the FitMetrix logo, you must ensure the presence of a certain amount of "clear space" between the FitMetrix logo and other graphic or textual elements. That "clear space" must be—at minimum—the height and width of the X in the FitMetrix logo, as shown below.

That is, if the height of the X in the logo is 5pt, there must be 5pt of "clear space" surrounding the logo on all sides.

Logo and background color: The FitMetrix logo should always be used in color for online use. The FitMetrix logo should also be used in color for print applications unless the color version is not practical, in which case the logo can be reproduced in solid black. The preferred background color for the logo is solid white. When a solid white color is not practical, the logo may be used on a solid, light background color. The high-resolution logo must be used for all print applications.

Logo updates: From time to time, FitMetrix may update logos. Please check here for the most up-to-date logos. You may not create any new publications using the old logos, and FitMetrix expects partners to update existing publications to the current logos within 90 days of the publication of new logos. Moreover, FitMetrix reserves the right to request that FitMetrix logos be updated and to disallow the use of old FitMetrix logos.

If you are a member of the media and have any specific logo requirements, please contact us at [email protected]?

Logo size: FitMetrix logos can be found in these Guidelines in dierent formats and resolutions.

If you would like to use FitMetrix logos digitally, use the PNG logos. To ensure the logo resolution and quality are not compromised, the PNG logos may not be enlarged beyond their native/maximum size. The FitMetrix logo must be presented at a width of at least 150 pixels, as shown below.

If you need to enlarge FitMetrix logos, for instance in print or for publication, use the SVG logos. These can be enlarged beyond their native size. In print, the SVG logo must be presented at a width of at least 2 inches, as shown below.

Termination: FitMetrix may ask you to stop using the marks at any time. You must agree to stop using the marks and logos within a reasonable period of the time from when FitMetrix makes the request. You may not, in any situation, continue to use the marks and logos for more than seven (7) calendar days after FitMetrix makes the request.

Reservation of rights: FitMetrix is the owner of all rights in the marks and logos and reserves all rights save the limited license granted here. Your use of the marks and logos pursuant to this license shall not be construed as limiting any of the FitMetrix rights in the marks and logos.

FitMetrix disclaims any warranties that may be express or implied by law regarding FitMetrix marks and logos (to the extent permitted by law), including warranties against infringement.

3. Use of the FitMetrix name

Any use of the FitMetrix name or reference to FitMetrix in public announcements, editorials, or advertisements—including but not limited to press releases, published articles, editorials, and advertorials—must be reviewed and approved by FitMetrix in advance, through written permission. If you are interested in obtaining approval to use the FitMetrix name, email [email protected]

Whenever referring to our company online, in print, or elsewhere, always refer to us as FitMetrix, capitalizing the F and M, every time.

Correct: FitMetrix

Incorrect: Fitmetrix, fitmetrix, FM, FITMETRIX, Fitm

Do not use our company name with an apostrophe followed by an "s." This may require restructuring the occasional sentence, as you'll note has been done throughout this document.

Correct: FitMetrix software, FitMetrix employees

Incorrect: FitMetrix software, FitMetrix employees

4. MINDBODY logos

You may only use the FitMetrix logo without a license only under the following limited circumstances:

In advertising, in marketing collateral, or on a website that references your connection with FitMetrix , or In an area of a website, advertising, or marketing collateral exclusively dedicated to the sale of FitMetrix products, and in such a manner that associates licensed FitMetrix software with the FitMetrix logo.

Logos for use by third-party developers

As a third-party developer of FitMetrix, you may download logos for use on your website and in connection with your application if it oers access to FitMetrix APIs. Using FitMetrix APIs does not, however, establish a partnership. Please do not imply a partnership with FitMetrix unless there is a formal, written, current, and signed partnership agreement.

The "Powered by FitMetrix" logo, shown below, must be displayed on every page, screen, or interface where FitMetrix API data has a presence, and it must be displayed adjacent to where the implementation appears in your UI. The API logo or text must be an active link to

If you would like to use the "Powered by FitMetrix" logo digitally, use the PNG version. To ensure the logo resolution and quality are not compromised, the PNG logo may not be enlarged beyond its native/maximum size. This PNG logo must be presented at a width of at least 150 pixels.

Logos for use by the media

Logos may be downloaded for use in reporting on FitMetrix business. These logos may not be altered, combined with other marks and logos, or used in a misleading manner. If you are a member of the media and have any specific requirements, please contact us at [email protected]

We remind media entities to kindly note that the proper and legal spelling of our company name is "FitMetrix".

5. Screenshots

You may not use screenshots of the FitMetrix homepage, company page, products pages, or class and appointment booking pages in FitMetrix Software. If you would like a screenshot that is approved for use, contact us at [email protected]

6. Printed materials, film, and television

FitMetrix does not allow the use of its logos or the name "FitMetrix" in the title or otherwise on the cover of books or other publications without prior written permission of FitMetrix. For the use of screenshots in a book or other printed materials, see "Screenshots" above. If you are interested in using the FitMetrix name or logos in a publication, please contact us at [email protected] If you would like to use FitMetrix logos in a television or film or video production, please contact us at [email protected]

7. Blogs

FitMetrix does not allow the use of the name FitMetrix in the title of blogs or otherwise in the blog, except as a descriptive reference to FitMetrix or its services. FitMetrix does not allow the use of its logos in blogs without prior written permission from FitMetrix.

8. Manufactured items

Generally, FitMetrix does not permit the use of its marks and logos on manufactured or merchandising products (T-shirts, packaging, other memorabilia). If you wish to use FitMetrix marks and logos on manufactured or merchandising items, please contact us at [email protected] and we will consider the request.

9. Additional Information

FitMetrix requires that you conform to these Guidelines in your use of any writing, branding, or other communications. FitMetrix has complete discretion in determining if your use violates any of the Guidelines. If you would like to make use of FitMetrix marks and logos in a manner that does not fit within these Guidelines, you must seek our prior written permission by contacting us at [email protected]

For assistance in understanding these Guidelines, contact us at [email protected]