The Many Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea contains a particularly powerful ingredient researcher have recognized for amazing benefits.  Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or ECCG, is a catechin anti-oxidant in Green Tea with many benefits.

Researchers investigated the protective effects of EGCG on insulin resistance and memory impairment induced by a High Fructose Diet (HFD). The researchers divided mice into three groups and gave each group a different diet: the control group, a high-fat and high-fructose diet, and a HFD plus EGCG. Although more research is needed to know exactly how much ECGC is needed, here’s what they found four months later:

  • EGCG prevented HFD-elicited memory impairment and neuronal loss
  • EGCG significantly ameliorated insulin resistance and cognitive disorder by upregulating the insulin receptor response having to do with brain-signaling pathways
  • Long-term HFD-triggered neuroinflammation was restored by EGCG supplementation, in part by inhibiting the expression of inflammatory mediators
  • EGCG also reversed high glucose and glucosamine-induced insulin resistance in neuronal cells by improving the oxidized cellular status and mitochondrial function

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Promotes heart, liver and brain health           Reduces Oxidative Stress from free radicals

Improves Skin Health                                     Lowers Prostate and Breast Cancer Risk

Improves Exercise Recovery                          Delays Muscle Fatigue

Decreases heavy metal toxicity                      Improves memory and brain function

Improves weight loss                                      Helps lower blood sugar

Enhances Insulin Sensitivity                          Reduces level of Blood fat

Helps lower Blood Pressure                           Reduce tooth sensitivity

Reduces Bacteria that causes Tooth Decay

How Much Green Tea Should You Drink?

Although Green Tea contains caffeine – it is significantly less than coffee.   In addition, it contains an amino acid L-Theanine which reduces anxiety so many people who normally cannot tolerate caffeine find they are fine with Green Tea.      Best results will be obtained by drinking 3 to 5 cups per day!

To see a comprehensive literature review of all the benefits from Green Tea go here: