The Single Deadlift – Not to be Confused with the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift!

The single leg deadlift aka skaters squat is NOT the same as a single leg Romanian Deadlift.    It is mix of a hip hinge and a squat movement with movement at the knee and hip.   It is essentially a single leg version of a bilateral (two leg) trap bar deadlift/squat.

Start with shoulder width apart with a page directly behind both heels.    Use a thicker pad – the lower the pad the more difficult the movement and try to start with at least a two-inch pad.

Hold onto two 5 – 15 lbs dumbbells or plates that you will need to counterbalance the rear movement of one of the legs.


Start by flexing the hip by pushing back with the hips as you reach your left leg back and move your hands forward keeping your arms straight.     Keep reaching back and down with the left knee as you allow the right knee to flex.    Keep moving down and back until the left knee touches the pad behind you then return to the starting position.

For a great tutorial go here:–one-leg-deadlift

This movement is excellent for those with back issues which are aggravated by traditional bilateral deadlift and squat movements, and the movement only requires light loads while building strength in the lower body and providing the benefits of deadlifting with much lower risk of injury.