The Benefits of Resistance Band Training

Almost every gym goer has seen a rubber resistance training band and done at least 1 exercise using a band, but few people realize how the many benefits of resistance band training done on its own or combined with other forms of resistance training such as weight lifting.

There are many unique benefits to Resistance Band Training (RBT) including:

RBT strengthens the neuromuscular system where its weakest, which is at the end of the range of motion.

Allows exercise in true horizontal vectors (parallel to the ground/floor) where free weights can only create a vertical gravity resistance vector. We move in three planes of motion and many different vectors, and bands allow us to train in all planes and vectors with load.

Provides ascending resistance (gets harder the further a band is stretched) which teaches users how to accelerate concentrically (when projecting force) and decelerate eccentrically (when absorbing force).

Deceleration (aka eccentric loading) always precedes acceleration (concentric unloading in movement. Bands elastic properties speed up the loading (eccentric) phase of every exercise, which, in turn, creates a greater need for eccentric control. Eccentric strength is the key to an explosive acceleration or concentric contraction.

Muscles are reactive by nature and obtain feedback from sensors that constantly measure muscle lengthening or tension development. Free weight can definitely create vertical loading and feedback, but muscles need to be strong and reactive in all vectors not just up and down.

Bands can be used to safely load movements such as running, jumping, swinging, hopping and kicking WITHOUT altering the mechanics of those movements. It is difficult and sometime dangerous to run, jump or hop correctly with any type of free weight on the body.

Unlike free weight training, RBT requires you to train through the full range of motion which, in turn, requires a great workout load. Free weights take significant effort to accelerate but momentum will be created unless moving the weight very slowly. With RBT exercise done properly there is no momentum even with high speed movement!

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